Levels of Membership

Member (MIHI)

Full membership is open to applicants who:

1. Possess relevant qualifications achieved by examination, such as:

Relevant National Diploma/Certificate

Relevant Degree with or without a postgraduate qualification


2. Have at least three years experience in one or more sectors of the Hotel, Catering, Tourism, Hospitality Industries, including at least 2 years in a position of responsibility at a professional level.

 Fellow (FIHI)

Fellows being such members that have been members for a period as determined by the Board or who should have such status in the industry as to qualify them for this class.

Honorary Fellow (HFIHI)

Honorary Fellows being such individuals that are not members of the Institute but have been recognised by the Board as having such status in the industry as to honour them with this class.

Associate Member (AMIHI)

Provided for those who do not yet qualify for Full Membership, the IHI offers Associate Membership.

Associate Members must be at least 18 years of age, be working in a Hotel, Catering, Tourism & Leisure sector and have achieved or be working towards a-Voting Member relevant professional qualification.

Other relevant Professional/Vocational Qualifications achieved by examination will be taken into account in assessing the Membership.

Graduate/Student Member (SMIHI)

The Institute welcomes and seeks to attract applications from Graduates/Students, who will normally be registered on a full/part-time basis for one of the Tourism related qualifications noted under the full Membership or Associate Membership.