This year The Irish Hospitality Institute (IHI) celebrates its 50th anniversary. The IHI is a professional membership body that represents over 1,000 Hospitality Professionals throughout Ireland. Our role is to assist and encourage our members to take responsibility for their own development, to facilitate networking, recognition and career advancement and promote excellence in our Industry.

Mission: “To lead and encourage hospitality professionals to generate knowledge, to take responsibility for their own development and deliver world class service”

Our SIMPLE Core Values:

S - Social: We are all about social
I - Integrity: We are honest and transparent in doing the right thing for our members
M - Me: We focus on you the individual
P - Progressive: We are passionate about growing to reflect our members’ needs
L - Learning: We embrace the ethos Ancora Imparo (I am still learning) 
E - Excellence: As an institute we promote excellence in our Industry

Be part of us, contact us today for more information about becoming a member.

New website coming soon.